Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sorg Jewelers

Like the Olympia Candy Kitchen that I mentioned in an earlier post, Sorg Jewelers is another Goshen business that Lincoln Highway travellers will probably be interested in.

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Sorg Jewlers on the Lincoln Highway in Goshen. Sorg's classic neon sign is a favorite. Dave Zollinger photo.

Located right on the Lincoln Highway at 120 S. Main Street, Sorg's has been in business and owned by the same family since 1900. Many Goshen families, my own included, have been doing business with the Sorg family for generations.
Sorg's Goshen store (they've always had one in Elkhart as well) is in a neat old building that has a date of 1880 shown on the front. Many downtown Goshen businesses are housed in buildings that were constructed in the 19th century. Sorg's neon sign is something from a bygone era too.

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Sorg's display windows, always beautiful, have their own classic neon signs as well. Dave Zollinger photo.

Sorg Jewelers is easy to find, just a half block south of the Elkhart County Courthouse on the east side of the street.


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Brian Butko said...

Yes, a great sign. I posted a pic on Flickr that got some interesting comments, including a link to a night shot with more comments. One said that the Goshen Motor Inn sign was doomed. True??



Spiny Norman said...

Great to hear from you.
I know that they have been doing some "fixing up" at the Goshen Motor Inn, but I don't know about the sign.
I'll try to find out.
Maybe another reader will know the answer and post a comment?

Brian Butko said...

You can watch the downfall of the cool classic sign through a few photos on Flickr (cut and paste if nec):

The comments say it all about how most business owners think new will equal success.